Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tag Time

Middle-Aged Woman over at Unmitigated tagged me for 7 Random things about me. Not sure I can come up with that many, buttttttt:

1. I love the mountains, at least looking at them. You see, I am terrified of heights. Have found that playing with the GPS locater in DH's car seeing how high up we are distracts me a bit.

2. I love flying. My preferred mode of traveling anywhere. You get a view of the landscape that is so gorgeous. My favorite place to fly over is the New York finger lakes area. Spectacular. That height thing? Somehow several miles up and detached doesn't bother me that much.

3. I am absolutely, positively crazy about Harry Potter. Mars, Hershey & Dove should all be booming with the number of dementors DH and I see on a regular basis.

4. I am learning to love to cook. I hadn't cooked much in the last few years prior to my 2006 retirement from the City of Livonia. Since moving to middle Tennessee, and changing from a gas stove (I hated my last two gas stoves) to an electric smooth top stove, I have had lots of fun cooking again. The last smooth top was in our rental and now I have one with a warming burner which is really useful.

5. I miss working on my miniatures. They're still in storage awaiting permanent homes here.

6. I am an avid family researcher. Actually, I guess you could say that I am obsessed with it. Mom's dad always told us his family was French. All I can say is yes, they were born in France, near Strasbourg on the border of Germany. The family spoke German, even after they came to America. How do I know this? The census. One of the censuses gave native language. Mom learned to cook from her aunt Rose, who cooked in the German way. We never tasted this because Dad did not like German cooking.

Dad always told us the Bowmans were Scots too. He didn't know until I did the research that the Bowmans were actually Baumanns and were from Germany. They were instrumental in settling the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with Joist Hite (Heydt) also German and the father-in-law of Hans Georg (George) Bowman/Baumann our immigrant ancestor.

7. I am very proud of my kids. They make me prouder every year. They've both always made their own decisions, some good, some really awful decisions, and have risen above them. Some day I know they will be as happy in relationships as their dad and I are.

I'm going to tag Sara over at Que Sera, Sera. If she can spare the time from her studies.


  1. Free time? What is free time?

  2. Something you sure don't have! At least not since the vodka post!