Friday, October 31, 2008


It isn't even dark yet, and already I've been contacted by a witch! Well, younger daughter who is having an identity crisis this year. Dressing as a witch today and cave woman tomorrow. This should be interesting, and can't wait to see those pics!

While this is our second Halloween down in Tennessee, last year we were the only people living on our street in our rented condo. No one came trick or treating there.

So this year, we are in the new house in the older subdivision and we are prepared, we hope, for all the little ghosts, goblins, witches, devils, Spidermen, princesses, etc that make the rounds on Halloween.

The weather here is what we always dreamed of for Halloween when I was a kid - it is 66 degrees out, which means by 5:30 it will still be in the 50's. The skies are clear for the trickers!

It has become tradition in Tennessee, as it has in other places, for kids to go trick or treating at shopping centers. We don't have a mall like malls in other areas, but we do have strip malls everywhere and I have been assured there will be plenty of kids still making the rounds of the neighborhood. Our street has only 7 houses, there are no sidewalks, so this will be pretty interesting.

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  1. my weatherbug at work said we got up to 71 today.
    funny, cause we had brief flurries a few days ago.
    i love michigan.