Thursday, October 16, 2008

On the Road Again, Pt 2

I love driving in Tennessee. It doesn't matter if I am on the interstate - except for areas of road construction - it is a beautiful state. We live up on the Cumberland Plateau and sometimes take for granted the beautiful vistas we experience on a daily basis. But driving through the hills of Tennessee and southern Kentucky is something that feels new to me every trip. And they are so beautiful when we finally head home again, sometimes they take my breath away.

Heading north, just before the Kentucky-Ohio border there is a view of Cincinnati that is impressive. I managed to snap this photo from a moving car.


  1. hate, hate, HATE that bridge. Nice pic, though.

  2. I don't like any bridge. DH and daughters walked across the Cinci suspension bridge (prototype for the Brooklyn bridge) one time. I was not with them.

    Worst bridge experience. Being caught on the Blue Water Bridge (Port Huron MI/Sarnia, ONT) during a thunderstorm.