Sunday, November 16, 2008

Monday Stuff

The Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion perform vital functions for Veterans in this country. One service they perform is serving as color guards at veteran funerals.

All fine and good, but it disturbs me that they mark milestones and celebrate having served at 1000 funerals. OK, marking the milestone is fine, but pictures and newspaper articles about them celebrating having served at 1000 funerals, just strikes me as wrong.

Today, like so many other families, we gave up our land line, which DH insisted we have installed. Doesn't matter that almost no one calls us on that line, he had to have it. Since we were "bundling" with Charter (the worst service of any cable company) and our year deal ran out, we had to drop it. Most people call our cell phones anyway. Actually, the only person who called us on a regular basis was the ding-bat who thought she was calling her voice mail. What does that say about someone, that she doesn't even know her own number? I can't say I'll miss her two to three times a week wrong numbers trying to access her voice mail.


  1. so i can delete that from my phone? sweet. have to rearrange my speed dial again.