Friday, November 21, 2008

You Know You're Retired When

  • You can go to a craft show early in the morning on a week day.
  • Your "lunch" is the sample aisle at Sam's Club or Costco. Or your lunch and dinner is the special Holiday food sampling at Sam's Club.
  • You do all your banking on Friday at the community bank because they have coffee and cookies.
  • You are utterly fascinated by the machinery that picks up your garbage (ours is automated) and that picks up your leaves. And you can spend the ten minutes it takes to pick up your leaves staring blankly at the process.
  • You can have lunch at any time - late even, especially if due to lunch in the sample aisle at Sam's.
  • Dinner is even later because of the late lunch.
  • Honey-do time is now spread over the entire week/month/year because DH is retired too!
  • You plan your meals out at local eateries according to their daily specials.
  • Laundry day is now any day. This is one of my favorites. I hated spending my day off catching up on cleaning and laundry.

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