Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Space Travel

I dreamt Sunday night that earth was invaded by aliens. They were cleverly disguised as human beings, however, I happened to catch a glimpse of them. They were similar to Cousin Itt from the Addams Family - TV series, not the movie. But instead of hair, they had tentacles sprouting from their - er - scalp.

These aliens were inviting hordes of earthlings to return home with them to their galaxy, many light years away. Both my daughters were anxious to go, and I couldn't in good conscience let them go without me.

In order for earthlings to travel this great distance with them and to preserve them, all would be given a travel disc. These travel discs looked like pretty mosaic tile coasters.

Well, we boarded one of the ships that would carry us to their galaxy. Strange things were happening, and people were unable to locate loved ones. The aliens would say that they had to split up families to fit everyone on board the ships. It was at this point that I got a glimpse of the real aliens. Especially the wide double layer of teeth. Ugh.

The planet, when we landed, had an atmosphere slightly similar to earth, but left you feeling kind of giddy and ambivalent. Scary place. Looked normal. By this point, I was trying to convince people we should get back on board one of the ships and go home. My worst fears were confirmed when my daughters and I were dumbstruck by the sight of earthlings being eaten by the aliens. They had done their grocery shopping on earth!

Well, it didn't take long for us to scamper back to one of the ships with as many people as we could find - making sure all had their pretty little discs so we could safely fly home. One alien, taking the form of the child it had eaten invaded our party, and we had a hard time convincing everyone that it needed to be killed before it ate any more people. But kill it we did. Upon delivery of the fatal blow, the alien's body shifted between it's Cousin Itt with tentacles and it's last meal.

Upon returning home to earth, the girls and I went back to earth. Many people came to us looking for their loved ones. So many would not or could not come back with us. It was heart-rending.

Now I have this urge to shop for and purchase all the mosaic coasters I can find.