Thursday, November 27, 2008


So far this is NOT the Thanksgiving I envisioned.

I planned for Thanksgiving with my DH, my two daughters and husband's 89-year-old father.

What I am getting is:

1. Daughter #2 - Michigan resident - still stuck in Michigan due to car accident early last week. WE MISS YOU!

2. Daughter #1 - Tennessee resident - works until 2 pm, here for dinner and "hanging out" and then back to work for a split shift on freakin' Thanksgiving.

The turkey is done. The stuffing and green bean casserole are both ready to go in the oven. Gravy and mashed potatoes still to be completed. Shrimp cocktail ready to be consumed.

Things I am really thankful for this Thanksgiving.

1. Daughter #2 not injured during last week's accident.

2. Daughter #1 has a job and is getting extra hours.

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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