Friday, December 26, 2008

Anyone Else Find it Disturbing?

Maybe it's because I am a baby boomer - not one of those 1960's boomers but an early 1950's boomer - that I am disturbed that the director and lead actor of "Valkyrie" had no idea they were portraying a real event in the movie released on Christmas day. Not only that, but a critic was not happy with the ending.

What are our students being taught about World War II, anyway? I know there are people out there who believe the holocaust never happened. What do they think happened - that aliens zapped them off the face of the earth.

Growing up in post world war America and during the height of the cold war, we knew who are enemy was. We knew who Hitler was and what he did. Apparently, children born after 1965 have not got a clue that Hitler's own supporters tried to assassinate him.


  1. Better make that 1962. Know what I learned about WWII in school? Nothing. I don't even remember it being part of the curriculum. World History freshman year covered too much time to focus on recent history. Nothing sophomore year because I didn't take a history class. American History and Government senior year. That was it. Anything I know about it, I read on my own.

  2. Maybe it's because I watched all those war movies with dad and brother?

  3. i don't remember ever covering WWII either...except Diary of Anne Frank in Lit. That's all.
    I barely remember if we did WWI either. I know we did Civil War...that's where the memory stops.