Thursday, January 15, 2009

And the BIG NEWS IS ...

Not much happens in this little town. It can be downright boring. I did have one heart-stopping moment yesterday when I thought I had lost one of our credit cards. I'm glad to say I didn't lose it, but I hate that feeling.

Older daughter has been mooching fewer meals from her mom and dad lately and working more hours. We miss her.

Younger daughter has been stressed out to the limit recently. I think her school commute is getting to her this winter.

Even my aunt in western Michigan says this winter has been a crazy one. She says they've had so much snow they're hauling it to the ponds at her condo complex.

My hair stylist is expecting a little girl in June - when I asked her what colors she was considering, she thought some sort of animal print and pink!

The big news here is that we have expected temps tonight of below zero! Wind chills even colder than that. I foresee a lot of dead batteries in the next few days. Hopefully, mine won't be one of them as long as we don't accidentally pop open the hatch window on my CR-V again and drain the battery!


  1. yes, YD is stressed. but having today and monday off makes me feel happier. once i am not sick anymore i will be even better.
    but i do have 105% in business communications right now, so i win!