Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tattoos, Butt Cracks and Broken Pizza

I'm guilty, I admit it. I listen to conversations at restaurants and other places where people gather. I can't help it. I am also observant when we are being seated for dinner as I always seem to find the most unusual looking person in the room - you know the one you can't stop staring at.

Friday night my voyeurism extended to the forty-something woman with the tattoo on her lower back. I know this how? Well she was seated on a bar stool with her back to us and the huge expanse of skin highlighting her eagle tattoo that showed on this huge woman was exceeded only by the sight of her butt crack! Really, who wants to see that? Reminds me of the student page when I worked in the library whose BC was almost always in evidence.

My eavesdropping was hugely rewarded earlier in the week, when DH and I lunched at an inexpensive Italian place. Older man came in with 4 year-old granddaughter or great-granddaughter. She was a treat with the million questions she asked her Poppoo. Her order was pizza and it took Poppoo a few minutes of 4 year-old telling him she liked her pizza broken before he realized she wanted it cut up!

We were well entertained!

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