Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Webbed Feet and Other Weird Things

Day three of the rain. I guess I'll really worry when we start to approach 20 days. Although, I have to say at least it is well above freezing.

I have to laugh at the young man at OfficeMax - even after he commented on the Staples & OfficeDepot rewards tags next to the OfficeMax rewards tags on my key chain - when he complained about the weather. I told him it could be worse - 2 inches of rain equaling 20 inches of snow up north. He looked at me in horror and said we shouldn't ever see that much here. I hope not ever!

There is water everywhere outside and the gullies are filling up. The "s" word is forecast for Wednesday. Ick. Hoping it either drys up fast or freezes so that the huge water-filled potholes in front of our storage unit ice over and make our unit accessible to store the Christmas decorations.

Drought relief - We were down only 5-6 inches for 2008 after suffering a shortfall of 20 inches of rain the year before.

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