Monday, January 5, 2009

Random Monday Thoughts in the New Year

Snuggie - Have you ever seen anything as weird looking as these "Snuggies" that are advertised on TV? You know what I mean - the robe-like drape that you wear while you are sitting around. They come in three colors and they make you look like a monk? Actually, the men in the commercial look downright stupid. DH thinks they should come in a fourth color - camouflage. After watching DH eat I think it should come in a food multicolor - butter, ketchup, mustard, coffee, beer ...

Weather - The big difference between Tennessee and Michigan? The snow. While all my northern friends are getting snow we are under flood watches and warnings from the rain. Hard to believe there is a drought. Every time it rains, I think to myself - 1 to 2 inches of rain equals 10 to 20 inches of snow. It helps me keep my sanity on this dark and dreary day.

Gift cards - I love them. I love getting them, and I love giving them. DH gifted me with a Hobby Lobby gift card for Christmas. I spent part of it on a combo bulletin board/dry erase board with dry erase calendar. Love it. All because one of my dear friends gave me push pins for Christmas that are shaped like flowers. I needed some place to display them.

School - One kid is back in school and another starts back next week. It is amazing when you no longer have children in elementary or high school or living with you while they attend college, that you lose all concept of the school year. The school year here defies explanation or understanding. The big thing is Older Daughter and Younger Daughter are seeking to improve their situations. OD graduates in May and YD sometime two years from now. It is hard to go to school and even harder when you are working full time. They are amazing young ladies!

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