Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Not Sure Which is Worse?

So now we have a new treasury secretary who was approved with so little dissent. I find this really disturbing. I mean which is worse him saying he forgot to pay taxes or that he didn't know he had to pay them? Come on. Get serious. The senators from Tennessee split their vote on him. I really thought Corker was smarter than that. Maybe everyone should forget or claim ignorance on their taxes?

Doesn't say much for Obama's judgement does it? Not that anyone has ever questioned it, eh? Oh, right, he said he didn't know about his Illinois colleague who was a former terrorist? And attended church with a racist pastor for over 20 years, yet claimed he didn't know he was racist?

A totally different topic.

When DH and I first started scoping out Tennessee, our real estate agent, Susan Hogan, the best agent around, took us first to a home on Walton Trail, which is off Old Walton Road. Nice neighborhood, the house wasn't for us, we really were looking for a ranch. However, since that time, there has been a murder on the street - husband has been indicted - a fire; and now on Old Walton, the body of a man found at a sewer construction site inside one of the tiles - supposedly suicide. I think I' really glad we didn't even consider that house and neighborhood!

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  1. And he'll STILL never suck as much as Bush. By the way, Barack and I were in elementary school when his Illinois buddy was in the W.U. Hard to see a connection there.