Monday, January 26, 2009

Lovin' the Small Town

One of our complaints about our little town is the lack of really good coffee available as whole bean coffee. When we first started focusing on Cookeville, there was a coffee roaster here called "Gridges" that bought raw beans and roasted them in the shop. Aaron or "Gridge" bought free market coffee beans. My favorite was the Brazilian decaf he had. It had sort of a chocolatey flavor to it. Alas, Starbucks moved in and Gridges moved out. I can't tell you how I miss going downtown to this neat little storefront and watching as they roasted the beans. If you wanted a particular kind, you'd put your order in and the following Wednesday he would roast it.

One thing we do have plenty of in Cookeville is coffee shops. Besides Starbucks, there is Poet's, La Dolce Cafe, The Daily Grind (this is a drive through), the Intrepid Traveler cafe and Perk Up! Also, the bookstore has a small coffee shop - which introduced us a few years ago to the joys of Southern Pecan coffee. I may have even missed one or two.

In Michigan, DH and I were regular customers of Joe's Produce and Westborn Market. On visits back we would stock up on whole bean coffee. Last trip to Michigan and Westborn we discovered that Westborn was once again buying Cadillac coffee. We brought back a couple pounds of Southern Pecan cream regular coffee beans. It lasted quite a while because we can only drink regular coffee in the morning.

Last week, as we started to scrape the bottom of the whole bean coffee can, we decided it was time to make an emergency call to Cadillac Coffee back in Michigan. Hallelujah, we bought a case of whole bean Southern Pecan coffee. A case is ten pounds. It was delivered today! Five pounds is in the freezer in the garage and five pounds is awaiting storage space!

The beauty of it - even though DH gave the address at least 3 times when he ordered the address was wrong on the package and the invoice that followed. UPS found us anyway and the PO had no problems finding us either.

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