Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pet Peeve

One thing that has always - and I mean always - irritated me is when people mispronounce common words. Two instances - a contestant on American Idol who could not pronounce words like trachea and larynx. What's with that? The other word that really bothers me is when people say libary instead of library. Back in the cold north where DH and I lived for most of our lives, I worked with a woman who said libary on a regular basis, even going so far as to answer the phone where we worked by saying "Civic Center Libary." Grrrr. Here in Tennessee, I am shocked by the number of people who say it wrong.

It reminds me of people who say aks instead of ask. How can you expect to be taken seriously when you can't even say common English words. Unfortunately, the people I am talking about are not people for whom English is a second language.


  1. Yea, but they're Southerners, so it may as well be their second language...

  2. Nope. Southerners don't say it. It is more racial than that.

  3. My two "favorites":

    1. "ax" for "ask" (although I will pronounce it that way as a joke now and again)

    2. [I'm stretching the rules for this one]
    "irregardless" for "regardless" (why add two extra letters when it doesn't change the meaning?]

  4. Like flammable and inflammable.