Thursday, January 22, 2009

Coffee, Audiobooks and Miscellania

I am so thankful for MP3 players. Thanks to my Sansa e140 I have had many pleasurable hours of listening to audiobooks. Which is a big thing here in Tennessee because our library here has no where near the number of audiobooks that the library I worked at in Michigan did. Fortunately, the state library has a program whereby I can go on their site and download audiobooks. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts they won't be getting any new audios until July when their fiscal year starts.

So I have started reading books again. You know those hardcover and paperback books you can buy at bookstores or borrow at libraries. Unfortunately, sitting and reading usually leads to sleep. Unless I am reading an action/adventure book - those keep me awake.

Besides being bourbon connoisseurs and beer snobs, DH and I love good coffee. Back in Michigan there were places such as Westborn Market and Joe's Produce, where we could buy whole bean flavored coffees. Here, very occasionally, Books-A-Million will sell whole bean Southern Pecan regular or decaf coffee. DH and I easily got hooked on it and then BAM will discontinue it. Last fall while in Michigan for a wedding, we bought a couple bounds of Southern Pecan regular coffee from Westborn - their supplier is Cadillac Coffee. Yesterday, DH and I placed an order for a case of it which consists of two five pound bags. We can hardly wait!

I thought the inauguration was interesting. Nice to see a flub during the oath of office. Really can't believe that Roberts didn't use a crib sheet.

Bummed that my counter is no longer working and I deleted it!

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