Sunday, June 21, 2009

Wow, You Suck at Charades!

After hemming and hawing about it for months, DH finally had two of his wisdom teeth pulled. At the ripe old age of 59.

The wait pre-appointment was about an hour and a half. In a room full of moms and dads and kids. Yikes.

Finally, oral surgeon comes in and agrees, that yes the two on the right should come out and the two on the left were fine. After that, things moved quickly and we were out of there withing 20 minutes.

Fast forward to hubby with packing in his mouth and still numb. Trying to tell me something. Was he trying to speak in a foreign language, because I did not understand a word he said? DH resorts to charades. I finally tell him - email me or write it down because I have no clue. After receiving the email, I'm really glad I never had to play charades with him.

Anyway, Happy Father's Day, DH! At least you are speaking in English today!


  1. Your post brought back funny memories to me. My husband had his wisdom teeth removed. He took the pain medicine (darvocet)and started home. On the way, he thought he could feel his teeth in his forehead, so he came to my apartment asking for help. To make a long story short, he couldn't talk and asked for paper...He proposed in writing. We laughed and I kept the proposal for years.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Putting it in writing is great. My husband kind of proposed and neither one of us is exactly sure what he said.