Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Storm Advisory - Cont.

It's hard to tell exactly how much snow we got because of the freezing rain, but it's enough. The freezing rain continues, and we only have some small branches down, but I am sure there will be more. This much snow at one time is a rare site in central Tennessee, and there are no snow removal companies. I'm not sure I've even seen a snow blower for sale here. Yesterday, DH bought a snow shovel. I'm not sure how much use he'll put it to today with the ice.

The pictures are taken from almost the same angle. Click on them for more detail.  The bottom one was taken this morning. Yes, it is that gray out there. Have I said how much I detest snow?

One really bizarre site yesterday was a man in a T-Bird convertible WITH THE TOP DOWN in the snow storm.

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