Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter Storm Advisory

I hate those three words. I thought I left them in a box in Livonia, Michigan. Blah. This is central Tennessee, and our average yearly snowfall is about eight inches.

We are expecting 6-10" of snow this weekend.  Groan. DH even went out and bought a snow shovel (we gave the snow blower to a friend in Michigan.) So far we have an inch. Maybe the forecasters have blown this way out of proportion or maybe we will get that half inch of ice on top of the snow?

Tennesseeans drive like rednecks 90% of the time, can hardly wait to see how they handle all this snow!

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  1. Better shop now. I suspect everything will be closed. And you'll have the roads to yourself.

  2. We went yesterday. The stores were jammed.