Friday, August 5, 2011

I'm Walkin ...

DH and I have been urged to walk by our doctors. His wants him to work up to between 3 and 5 miles per day (eeek!) Mine is just glad to hear that I am walking. So for the past week we have been walking indoors at the Hooper Eblen center at Tennessee Tech. And we aren't alone. Every morning/afternoon that we've walked there we've seen other walkers. The only time we've seen the same people are the group of young moms there with their kids in strollers. It sure beats walking in 90+ humid degrees outside. And it is level! Eventually the weather will change and the hubs and I will take our walking outside and onto the hills. Seriously, I don't think you can walk outside anywhere around here without running into a hill. I must say that I look forward to cooler weather only because I hate walking around in circles over and over again to reach my distance goal for that day!

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