Thursday, January 12, 2012

Project 52-1 My Memories

I have lots of ideas for photos, if only I could remember them, or remember to take the picture at least. This picture was taken while it was still light enough to get a picture of the dusting of snow. There's a bit more now, and if I don't see any more this year, I won't be sad. There is sure a huge different between having a yearly average of 40 inches versus an average of 8 inches. This snowfall will close schools for Friday. If you saw some of the roads the buses travel, you would understand. I don't like driving them in nice sunny weather!

I used Candy Fairway Pack (Pepmint) a freebie in the My Memories store. The shape is a little more involved than what you see, and is filled with another Candy Fairway paper. The snowflakes are from Winter Dreams.

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