Saturday, January 26, 2013

My Memories Cover 2 Cover 2013

I am so excited to have finally started my project. I played around for weeks trying to get the right cover for my Cover 2 Cover book, and I finally did it. No, I'm not doing and 2013 book, although I might make one. I am finally putting my wedding photos in a scrapbook. I think I actually spent more time finding the right font for this cover than I did selecting the papers and embellishments.

I learned how to do a few new things in the Cover2Cover Webinar on Friday evening. I didn't even mind that it went longer than an hour.

Seriously, this software is great. I won't ever stop using real paper, but I do love the look of the finished product using My Memories version 4. If you are interested in purchasing the program and have questions, leave a comment, or use the discount code located on the right side of this page! It will save you $10.

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