Saturday, February 2, 2013

Working On My Organizational Skills

I'll admit it. I AM GUILTY! I watched a Martha Stewart video on organizing my craft room. Well, I probably only got about 1 minute into it when she started talking about labeling with a p-touch label maker. Years ago, hubby got one for Christmas. It was too complicated for him (I think it was in the era before cell phones?)

Anyway, the conversation the other day was along these lines:

Me: Do you know where that label maker is?
Him: No, I think we got rid of it.  [Me thinking: Got rid of it? Us? No way!]
Me: No, I told you not to get rid of it.
Him: Try my office closet.

And yes, that is where it was. All it needed was 8 fresh AA batteries. The cat and I had a great time printing labels. She kept trying to figure out how to make it print.

So labels are made and I am still putting them on the appropriate storage containers. Back to work!

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