Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gotcha! or My Sick Sense of Humor

One thing DH and I have discovered here is the weird way people react to emergency vehicles. On any given day, you may be on the road with a firetruck, EMS vehicle, ambulance. And no one gets out of the way but us! And you get honked at for not obstructing said vehicle.

This afternoon, however, EVERYONE stops and pulls over for a funeral cortege! Heck, the person probably died because no one would pull over for the ambulance!

I was reminded by older college student daughter today of my weird sense of humor. I love being different. Of course, they were too young to understand the significance, but when the girls were young between ages 5-10, I had them call me Beautiful Mommie Dearest after reading parts of the Joan Crawford expose written by her daughter. Many years later, older college student daughter figured it out. She now loves to tell her friends how she and her sister called me that and watches to see how the friends react. See she has my sense of humor too.

No child likes to hear that their parents have sex. To really torture my kids, I remind them their grandparents had sex too.

I'm one of six kids, and am the third oldest. My older sibs were 3 years 5 months and 4 years 4 months older than me. The next one younger than me was nearly 5 years younger. So when I was 18, she was 13. One day this younger sister came home from her friend's house to see if she could sleep over at the friends. Mom & dad gave their permission, but on their way out, in my own perverse way, I told them they should tell the friend's mom that I had VD. Of course, they did that and the friend's dad got bent out of shape, but friend's mom recognized my sense of humor behind it.

My two youngest siblings are 11 and 13 years younger than me. When our brother got engaged, I told these two youngest sisters who were 6 and 8 at the time that our brother was adopted. I told them mom & dad didn't think they'd have kids, so they adopted him. And then had 5 daughters of their own. After all there were five of us girls and just one boy, so it was logical. Of course they believed me. And all was well until they told sister-in-law-to-be and she asked mom, and well, mom of course asked me. Of course I thought it was funny and still do.

Not everyone appreciates my sense of humor. Most children think their parents are really old and kids don't understand the concept of generations and time. When older college student was about 9, and was doing a project for school, I told her that her grandma (my mom) worked in the White House as a domestic .. for Abe Lincoln! Well, grandma got mad at me, and at older daughter for believing it. There was a grain of truth to this one, my mom had worked as a domestic when she was a teenager, but not for Abe and not in the White House.

Both daughters have inherited my bizarre sense of humor. One has gone so far as to rewrite several fairy tales. We hope no psychiatrist ever gets hold of these. The other daughter weaves bizarre fantasies about midget foreign men. Makes a mother proud.


  1. So is the groucho look a comment on how you are feeling or just a disguise?

    Still the same ole Anne - no banan!

    I miss your wit!