Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Inspiration And Where Is It When You Need It?

A friend of mine who checks my blog out frequently to see what I have to say, asked why I hadn't written anything for a day or so. Simple, nothing inspired me. The funny thing about inspiration, is you never know when it will hit. Most often, inspiration strikes me when I am in the car with DH. No, that is not a comment on his driving.

Today, as we were returning from some errands, I noticed at least 4 police cars on the road. That's a lot, this town is not that big. We're talking about a community of 28000 and county with a population less than 70,000.

Let's run down the available law enforcement in Podunk City (C'mon that is not the real name). First, there is the Podunk City Police. We are a city, they have Police. I'm not sure how big the force is but there is a Police Truck parked over on the street that leads into ours. I'm tempted to go out at 1 am and see if it is still there. I swear it is parked there 24/7/365. Crime deterrent?

Secondly, we have the Podunk County Sheriff Department. Since we are the county seat, I guess that makes sense. Since most of the crime takes place on the outskirts of town though, I think they should be based out there. Possibly in a trailer park where all the meth labs seem to be.

Thirdly, we have the Tennessee State Troopers. You guessed it, we have a Highway Patrol Station based here in Podunk Town.

One would think that with all those police forces surrounding us we'd either be overrun with crime or crime-free. Well, neither is true. We are an average Tennessee small town with average crime. Most of what we see reported here is petty crime, but the most unusual thing the police were called to do in recent years was to round up the cattle that had escaped from the Podunk Stockyards about a mile away. Apparently that was not part of their job description as the cattle managed to make it the almost 2 miles into downtown without being caught! Wonder if they were issued citations?

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