Monday, August 11, 2008

How Many Times Can We Cut That Cable Line?

When we lived in Michigan during the last 18 years we lived without cable. In many ways that was a wonderful thing. We had a roto-tenna that brought us regular TV, no History Channel, no HGTV - gasp - no MSNBC morning, noon and night. And we lived without it happily until we went on vacation and were introduced to Court TV, History channel and MSNBC. And yes, in the back of our minds, we knew we would need cable if we wanted more than one TV station.

Here we are 10 months into our great adventure and 10 months of Charter cable, internet and telephone. They're fine when they work. Unfortunately, I think the people who are doing the road construction on Fairground street have inbred too much since they've cut our cable no less than 5 times in the two months since we've had the cable installed at our new home. I mean really, how many times can you cut through a cable in the same place?

Today's conversation with Charter Cable (located anywhere but here):

DH: (when finally connected to a service rep) I'd like to report an outage.

Charter: Let me help you, sir. Let's see if we can bring up your internet.

DH: Everything is out, TV, phone and internet.

Charter: There are no reported outages in your area.

DH: I'm reporting one now! This happens frequently.

Charter: Sorry, sir. The earliest we can send someone is tomorrow.

There is a reason that Charter television is the lowest rated cable system. We ran errands this afternoon to avoid staring at static tv and blank computer screens. I can hardly wait for Charter to call and ask how their service was.

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