Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sorry I Can't Come To The Blog Right Now

What can I say? The Olympics are on. Which would I rather do, stare at a computer screen or at the new HDTV and watch men in tights and men in tight bathing suits?

Speaking of bathing suits, I find it quite disturbing that I can no longer tell the men swimmers from the women swimmers. The men used to wear Speedos and were buff and cute and sometimes bald ... er I digress. Now basically the men and the women wear the same type of suit and you can't tell the men from the women without looking at the race header - Men's 200 meter, Women's 200 meter -to figure out the sex. And it isn't the suits as much as it is the size of the women? They ain't no anorexic figure skaters and that is for sure! These are women with the physique some men would envy! Yikes.

I also enjoy leering .. er watching the men's gymnastics. It's amazing how strong these guys are. I can't even imagine getting up on those rings or the high bar or erk the pommel horse. That thing is down right scary. And the vault? It constantly amazes me. And they do it in these cute outfits.

Women's gymnastics is fun to watch to, and I love the all-around where they have to compete on all the different apparatus and the floor exercise. Watching the drama queens boo-hoo after a misstep I can live without.

The other sport that really fascinates me is rowing. Especially when you have several rowers in a boat or scull. Is that beautiful or what? I don't know where I was when coordination was handed out, but to me to see all that synchronization is wonderful.

Diving. What can you say - watching these people on the platform dive and somersault and twist and pike without injuring themselves is fascinating.

But unfortunately there are some sports that I don't bother with. Beach volleyball? C'mon! Synchronized swimming is sheer idiocy and not a sport, although maybe they should get credit for not drowning. And I absolutely refuse to watch any professional athlete as in tennis and basketball (and in Winter Olympics hockey) play. In my mind, they have usurped the place of the amateur athlete so they can indulge themselves.

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