Friday, August 15, 2008

Voice Mail Lady

As stated in an earlier post, we have Charter cable, internet and phone. Not long after we were assigned our phone number, we received a series of wrong numbers. All from the same number! This number had us scrambling to figure out who the he!! kept calling us and not leaving a message.

One day, after several attempts by the wrong number the following message was left on our voice mail:

In a southern drawl, "Sorry, I keep dialing the wrong number to retrieve my voice mails. I hope that hasn't inconvenienced you. It seems that our numbers are sequential and I keep dialing yours by mistake. I thought I'd let you know why you have so many hangups."

DH and I are thinking "Is this woman for real?" Our caller ID reveals that this is not true, her number ends in 1 and ours in 4.

A couple of weeks passed and we feel that Voice Mail Lady has finally gotten a handle on her phone number. Yay.

Not so fast. A few days later VML left this message on our voice mail:

"You have reached Voice Mail Lady. Please leave your name, number and a brief message and I will return your call as soon as possible."

When DH and I picked our selves up off the floor and I wiped the tears of laughter from my eyes, we wondered why she left an outgoing message on our voice mail after hearing our outgoing message.

It's now been ten months since we moved here and ten months of mostly hangups when VML realizes she's called our number yet again. Sometimes, however, we pick up and actually get to talk to VML. She still thinks our number and her number are sequential, but I haven't the heart to disillusion her. Fortunately, I guess, she no longer leaves outgoing messages on our voice mail. I think she is no longer that technically challenged. We'll have to find another unsuspecting soul to entertain us!


  1. My phone story kicks your phone story's ass.

  2. Oh for sure. Mine wasn't $400 either.

    You must tell the bolt cutter story sometime.