Monday, September 29, 2008

It's a Sad Day

I am pissed that congress chose my 29th wedding anniversary to devalue the dollar 700 billion times. I'm appalled that even those we scrimped and saved to not only pay off our mortgage but we did it in less than the 15 year term of our mortgage. And we financed at a fixed rate with the conventional 30% down.

So why are we going to have to pay for

A) Banks who made bad loans?

B) People who got in way over their heads?

C) Idiots who mismanaged banks and mutual funds?

Every person who has any retirement savings - just had those savings devalued like no other time.

And it doesn't even matter which political party you belong to - both are at fault here.

Thanks to the US Government for f*cking us all over again!


  1. Apparently I jumped the gun on that one - did not pass the house vote.