Monday, September 29, 2008

Notes on Road Construction

We just had a load of pig dirt delivered. When I say load, I'm not thinking those small dump trucks that deliver mulch, stone, etc from landscaping companies. I mean those DUMP TRUCKS that work for large construction companies. The dirt peak in the truck was at least a foot higher than the truck.

So now it sits on my lawn. Or more accurately on the brown remains of the crabgrass.

DH talked to the truck driver who works for the construction company responsible for the everlasting road widening project on Fairground Street, a block away. This is the road construction that has been going on one year this week. It seems they have had a few problems. Early on they hit a water line that wasn't where it was supposed to be. Lately they have been finding weird things. In one spot, they'll dig, everything is fine and dirt is hard and compacted. Ten feet up the road, the dirt is soft, they hit a minor sinkhole caused by an old drain. Apparently some of these drains date back to the mid 1800's, but still have to be investigated to make sure they aren't connected to anything. So it's time consuming.

I think we'll have grass again on our lawn before this road construction is finished.

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