Friday, September 12, 2008

Remote Blogging*

*Not really blogging by remote, but blogging from a remote location.

Ok, I miss my neighborhood Panera - a lot! Sunday mornings heathen DH and I would pack up my laptop and our coffee cups and head over to Panera for Sunday morning breakfast, newspaper and all the browsing on their internet that we could handle. It was definitely a part of our morning routine.

Now, down in hot and sunny Tennessee, we drive 60 miles to Mt. Juliet to partake of the benefits of Panera. DH is sitting across the table from me, reading his Tennessean newspaper and I just sit here quietly and blog away!

This Panera is cool in that it is very large and is part of a huge shopping center with lots of different stores that we didn't have in Michigan when we lived there. One is Home Goods and the other is HH Gregg. Haven't been to either yet.

Last night - Older college student daughter informed us that she has officially applied for graduation! That is such a wonderful thing for her. You go girl!

Younger daughter is looking forward to a visit from Mom & Dad next month when we make that 600 mile drive for niece's wedding. Ironically, the wedding/reception are less than a mile from our old house. Wonder if new owners will let us stay the night?

I have to include this site for your enjoyment:

Have fun!


  1. I CAN'T WAIT!

    i miss my momma and daddy. a ton!

  2. I wish it wasn't weird to pop in to someone who lives where you used to-- it would be so interesting to see those places years later.

    I'd just want to say, "Excuse me, could I maybe tour your house while you go out somewhere for awhile, where I won't feel inhibited in my commentary on how things look now? Thanks." Think people would be up for that?

  3. Really. We feel kind of weird just driving by the old house. And pointing at the goofy little statue they put out front in the landscaping!