Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fall is Coming?

One day two weeks ago, we had temps that barely reached 75 degrees. It was beautiful and I thought that Fall was really coming.

This week, temps have been in the mid to upper 80's. Ninety is forecast for tomorrow. This has been our first summer here and while I do embrace the warmth, it is far too hot to do anything outside in the way of landscaping or laying patio stones. Or tilling up crabgrass. In order to germinate, seed needs to be down before October 15th. In order to put seed down in time for it to germinate, we need to rid the yard of crabgrass.

Last week, we learned that staining the deck in weather between 75 & 85 degrees was kind of stupid. But at least that is done.

When we moved here last October, it was still in the low 80's but nights had cooled down to upper 50's. That is what I am really looking forward to and being able to open windows and the screen door. Sigh.


  1. Not to mention we could leave the door open to my room then.

    Except who knows what would enter the crawl space with me.