Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Maybe I Was a Genealogist in the Womb?

Last weekend, my Aunt Shirley (my dad's sister-in-law) sent me a church bulletin for Linwood Presbyterian church in Kansas City, Missouri. From December 4, 1926. The reason for her sending it to me is the mention of my father in the Cradle Roll. By the time this was published, Frank "Hank" Percival was about 17 months old. It is sometimes hard for me to imagine the gruff man my father could be as a baby. It's funny as I scan down the list, I see a few surnames that stick out: Bowman, Kirtley*, Estes, Sevier and Francisco. Certainly, those last names can all be found in our family line.

The curious thing, is that I've always had a "thing" for church bulletins. As a child, I always scanned the church bulletin from St. Robert Bellarmine's church in Redford, Michigan for mention of people whom I might know. My favorite was the "Heirs of Christ" column, which listed the weekly baptisms. I'm really sorry I didn't keep a few of them. I think they would be fun to read and see if I still remembered any of those names!

*The particular Kirtley mentioned, Geraldine, is indeed listed in our family history! Isn't that fun!

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  1. I always read the ads and the wedding banns, which I thought were wedding "bans," and that the wedding was off.