Sunday, May 3, 2009

Just Sittin' Around

All but two minor things and one major thing left to do for the landscaping. The minor things are to plant some creeping jenny and some phlox that I have in two different colors. Unfortunately, the last 3 days we have begun to catch some of the rain that has plagued Arkansas. I hope that ends before Younger Daughter makes the 600 mile trek down here. The major project is to add a stone patio out back and - of course - that will have to wait until after the rains and after younger daughter's visit.

Younger Daughter is coming of course, for Older Daughter's graduation from Tennessee Tech University next Saturday. Older Daughter is prepping for the three days of finals she has this week. I think she is pumped and more than ready to pick up that degree with the 1274 other graduates. In a hot indoor stadium. In May. In Tennessee.

Yesterday, while enjoying my morning coffee in my office while reading blogs, answering email and listening to an audiobook on my mp3 player, I watched the birds. In Michigan, I was used to the cardinals and robins, blue jays, wrens, sparrows, doves, chickadees and the occasional finch.

Here, there have been quite a few I've been unable to identify by sight. One turns out to be a rose-breasted grosbeak and the other I assumed correctly was an eastern bluebird. So it turns out that not only I am enjoying the bird station out front, but so are the neighborhood squirrels and cats.

DH and I have gotten hooked on the new Doctor Who series on BBC. When we were much younger, we were hooked on the original series before it was cool. We actually started watching last year and caught the 4th season, which is on hiatus until 2010. For Christmas, we bought ourselves Season 1 of the current incarnation - David Tennant. For my birthday- DH got me the first season with Christopher Eccleston. Something besides laundry and house work on a rainy day!


  1. Am up to episode 5 of Eccleston Season 1.

  2. yes. i hope for nice weather on my drive. i practiced friday and saturday...raeleen and i went up to mt pleasant and i drove.