Saturday, May 9, 2009


There has to be a sense of accomplishment, when 10 years after your started working on something, you finish it. Such is the case today, when Older Daughter earned her Bachelor of Science degree. I will admit I had my doubts, when she told me she planned on carrying 19 credit hours this semester. I could not imagine how she could work full time and go to school full time, study, and breathe all at the same time. But she did it, and did it in style. She wasn't the oldest student, nor the youngest - in fact her 29 years wasn't even the average age of the students. The oldest student receiving a Bachelor's degree was born in 1945.

We were all grateful she was in the first 150 students to get their degrees. We did not have to wait for the rest of the 1273 students to be recognized. It also meant we got to have lunch out. Wahoo!

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