Friday, May 1, 2009

One of Those Days*

It turns out yesterday - Wednesday for those of us in different time zones - turned out to be the day from HE!!

First, problems with Charter internet connection. I fixed after many tries.

Second, DH's recliner broke a spring related to the reclining mechanism and no, the LA-Z-Boy retailer does not make house calls. So we had to load that in my CR-V and haul it to the store. First repair guy calls and says it will be Thursday (which will be yesterday by the time you read this) before it is fixed, then calls and says Friday, because he needs a part.

Third, daughter is over working on a project for school in a cat-free zone. We know have seating for 3 in the living room. Sigh.

Fourth, and this is the one that really gets me, DH says to me, did you turn my computer off? Why would I turn off his computer - and without telling him? Turns out it was his UPS system battery that died - and we just happen to have a spare. So after contorting ourselves into weird positions - we finally get the old one unplugged, a temporary surge protector on and everything turned back on. The hard part is not getting the old battery out of the UPS system, but getting it back in, which I did. Oh did I ever tell you I am the household computer guru. I must have inherited some of this handy stuff from my dad. So at this point when I am trying to stuff 5 lb battery back into case, DH says, Shouldn't we try it first to make sure it works. I hand him directions which say "Charge for 4-8 hours before using."

DH redeemed himself, however, with a power back rub and some canoodling afterwards!

*I must have been tired still when I composed the title, because the original title was "Pme pf tjpse daus."


  1. I think I prefer the Norwegian title. I am still amazed to this day that Dad was so into e-mail at his age!

  2. Yeah, amazing. I get email from Aunt Shirley - who is now 87 - on a weekly basis. We exchange chit-chat, recipes and she keeps me updated on the expanding families. She and Mary, John and Sally are all on facebook!

  3. aunt shirley is on facebook?! i always knew she was freaking awesome. i add her.