Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post Christmas Blahs

I don't usually get the post holiday doldrums until late January. They are starting early this year. In fact, I can hardly wait to get my tree down. I didn't decorate as extensively as normal. Which will make taking the decorations down a lot easier!

The best thing about winter, is I get a good view of the birds at my feeders out front. Their usual bird seed has been augmented with suet. The squirrels have been discouraged from eating the seed by the addition of a foil pie plate atop the feeder and a touch of cayenne pepper to the seed.

It was so cold here, the birdbaths have both turned into ice ponds! The wind is whipping around and we have a wind chill of 34. Brrrr. Hey, this is mid-tennessee, and this feels cold!

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