Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

I went back to last year's blog to see what my resolutions for 2009 were. Guess what! I didn't make any! I am beginning to think I am lazy wise beyond my years.

DH and I resolved to do some gardening out front. We successfully did some landscaping which integrated a birdbath and bird feeder. I have gotten many hours of enjoyment out of watching the birds vie for feeding space. This winter has seen the addition of a suet cage. I'm glad the birds are happy! I want to get outside more in the early spring and prepare other areas for landscaping.

I think I will resolve to get out and walk more. Between the odd back, knee, hip and foot problems this fall has been a bust. DH and I did managed to get some good walks in at the local park around the lake when it wasn't raining torrentially or 99% humidity and over 85 degrees at 8 am. Fall came and so did the rains, which made it hard to get around. Since 90% of this town does not have sidewalks, I don't relish walking on soggy ground or in the street.

I resolve to finish some of my planned projects and some incomplete projects. I still haven't filled up the big old picture frame with family pictures yet. I better get busy and select some for that project. The big planned project is to go through all the bins of pictures we have and determine what is going to be kept. The rest will be discarded. The kept photos will be put into archival quality albums. I figure that will free up some space in our storage room that I had hoped to use as a craft room.

And finally I want to actually write more for this blog. Time will tell.

Happy New Year!

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