Saturday, March 6, 2010

Electronics & Contracts, Part III

Finally, on Friday, when DH called NSI, they had our contract in the computer and sent our info to the local authorized Samsung repair guy.  He called and we are set up for a Wednesday, AM appointment.

On another, brighter note, I swapped my HP Photosmart 8250 printer for a Canon MX860 all-in-one. This is a sweet printer, copier, fax, and scanner. It has a large footprint, but allowed me to put my small canon scanner back in my travel bag. So it actually freed up some desk space, which is a good thing.

Setting up the wireless function was pretty easy, because I use windows Vista, I was able to transfer my wireless settings directly to the printer and now can print wirelessly. Anytime you can free up a USB port it is a good thing.

The one thing that stumped me was the LOUD beep every time I turned it on and off. It could be heard clear across the house! Well, last night I found out how to turn that off and it's great. No need to wake up the DH when I am up early or late!

Only Wednesday will tell if we get our TV up and running again. After watching the old TV for a week, I shudder at the picture quality. And that 19 inch screen vs the 32 inch is just so much better. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

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  1. I need to get a scanner. I have no room for one though.
    I hate things that beep when you turn them on or off. My cell phone does that. Well, did, but I made that go away.

    Hope the TV repair works out :-) You'll want the bigger screen if you're gonna try yoga DVD!

  2. This has been a real pain and I just want it fixed.