Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Electronics & Contracts

On father's day, 2008, DH and I bought a SAMSUNG 32" flat screen TV. At the time and due to the cost of the TV, we bought a 2 year service contract for it. Great. We hoped never to use it.  It has a great picture and beautiful color and we really enjoyed it.

Then last Friday, DH went to turn it on and it wouldn't. He went looking for that service contract receipt, called the number and they didn't have us in the system. Not great. But we could fax the receipts and they would put us in the system. Great. But we don't have a fax. Not Great. Took it to the store where we purchased said 32" TV and they said they would fax. Great.

Monday morning call service center and they only got part of one receipt. Not great. DH back to store to have them re-fax the dang thing. OK.

Monday afternoon, DH calls service number again and they have received fax. Great. Are we in the system yet? No. Not great. Will they expedite getting us in the fracking system before the contract expires in 3.5 months? Yes, they will mark it expedite. They will call us when it is in to set up an appointment to fix the TV.

Fortunately, we still have the old 19 inch non-digital tv. We've moved it back out to the living room and wonder how the heck we watched it before. Wow it seems small.

After some research on the internet, we've pretty much diagnosed the problem. Regardless of the contract, the manufacturer should fix it as it is an acknowledged problem and manufacturer's defect. Frankly, I don't care how it gets fixed, I just want it fixed.

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