Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Finger Stickin' Good!

New diabetic here, and I admit that I was diagnosed less than a week ago. So maybe my finger-prickin' skills are not up to par yet. Or maybe LifeScan's Delica lancing system was made for children. Because I sure had problems getting a useable blood sample on the first try even on the highest setting. And, while I may be fairly ambidextrous, there was no way I could get any blood sticking anything on my left hand. Fortunately, I think for me, my approved supplier was not stocking and would not be stocking the lancets for the Delica and so they provided me with a different lancing system. Wow, that works! Today was the first day for the new lancets and they actually poke me and draw blood on the first try on the left hand. Makes me feel like a pro!

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