Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bed Time - Post Surgical

I am a night owl. Really, there is no question  that I inherited this late night propensity from my dad. Lately, however, I look at the clock and pray for bed time to hurry up. Mainly because I can take something for pain before bed and secondly because I can take something for pain before bed. The problem is, if I take it too early, I'll doze off way to early and then at 2 am be awake for the rest of the night. Actually, there is no guarantee that won't happen anyway. I am, however, trying to keep to a schedule and each night hope and pray that I'll sleep an extra hour or so. Or that my spasming muscles won't wake me up -- or -- and this is a new one -- that my foot falling asleep doesn't wake me up.

Gone, at least for now, are those late nights crafting or scouring the genealogical sites for my family. I miss them so much!

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