Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Tale of the Washer

When we bought our washer for our new home, we bought the extended warranty on it, figuring somewhere along the line we would need a repair in those first 5 years. Well, we were right, as it needed a new water pump. However, even after installation of the new water pump, we continued to experience some leaking. My last post about the washer repairs elicited a response from the Sears Social Network. Since I responded to their email right after the second instance of leaking, and got a prompt response from Searscares, I thought, well, this is great. Maybe they followed through, maybe not, since I was told I would hear back from them, and if I didn't to call back. I didn't hear back, did call and leave a message and finally got a call from their warranty repair company, who incidentally did the first repair.

Yesterday, the repair man came out again (new guy) and tried to get the darn thing to leak, but it wouldn't. Hopefully that means the second leak was a fluke. Please?

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