Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

Why do they call a day off from labor, Labor Day? One would think, on Labor Day you would work.

Being "retired" I've considered actually doing something in the lines of work. We have a deck that needs to be prepped for staining, but have decided to wait until after the grass is cut. I have decided to put off painting the dining room table until it cools down a bit. Somehow painting in 85-90 degree weather does not appeal to me. Then there is the artwork and family photos to be hung. Or the crabgrass to rake out - if the weedkiller ever kills it.

So the acutal Labor Day goes something like this:

TL: What do you want to do today?

DH: I don't know. (See this is typical).

TL: Why don't we go look at paint and stain. Sherwin Williams is having a sale.

Segue to SW store. No samples to take home and compare with Olympic samples. No one really able to "sell" us on some deck stain. No one to ask about paint for dining room set. Blah.

Segue to Lowes. Find sample size stains to take home and try on deck. What a neat idea. Of course, on the way home it pours, so probably not going to try today. Then sun comes out and drys up all the rain and I try all three samples on a dry spot under the overhang on the deck. Sample one is too light. Sample three is too brown. Sample two is just right. Hoping lawn guy shows up tomorrow to cut the grass. Then we can move everything off the deck onto the lawn - er crabgrass. DH thinks it is going to take several days to stain the deck. I don't think so. Having single-handedly performed this operation on our deck in Michigan, I know it is but an afernoon's work. I'm sure he'll try to make a mountain out of a mole hill, like he does all our projects. No wonder I do so many of them myself!

Happy Labor-less day!

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