Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What Goes Bump in the Night?

Last night, DH is watching the Tennessee-UCLA football game and I am busy adding to my family genealogy, when we hear a huge crash and what sounds like glass? shattering. We each made our way around the interior of the house looking at windows and glassware, cupboards, shelves, etc. and find absolutely nothing. Is there a neat poltergeist in the house?

Not finding anything inside, we decide to venture outside. It's late and quite dark out. There is a streetlight out front at our neighbor to the west, but our tall oak trees pretty much block out that light.

So flashlights in hand we made our way outside, checking the windows in the garage, checking windows from the outside, the deck which has an aluminum table with porcelain tiles on top. None of that has even been touched.

Both of us are really questioning our sanity at this time when we check again in our bonus room (read catch-all storage). There on the floor is a thin metal strip about 2.5 feet long, of the type used in those plastic storage boxes for hanging files. Apparently the tape holding it to the now-folded plastic storage box detached itself and the metal strip ended up on the ceramic floor. So we dropped it to make sure that is what we heard. It had a sound like someone tossing a rock through a window! I sure was glad to find out we did not have a resident poltergeist.

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