Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shame on the Press

I try to keep myself non-political. I had been enjoying the conventions and the VP selection processes UNTIL the press got its dirty little paws on the Sarah Palin 17-year-old daughter-pregnancy story. And those damn vultures won't let go of it. As a mother of two daughters who are past their teen years (Thank you God, for that) and past any chance of teen pregnancy, I can't help but deplore what the press is doing. I didn't know that Bristol was running for office. As any parent of daughters can attest to, the last thing we want is a teen pregnancy. How much control over it do we have - absolutely none. Since it is against the law to have your child sterilized or keep her in a bedroom until the age of 21, all you can do is impress your values on your child. It is up to the child ultimately to make that decision. The girl is pregnant, it is her business, not the business of the news organizations.

I think they've spoiled the RNC for me. And the bickering among themselves over whether this is an issue is so unprofessional. I hope if they are ever in the same situation, they are treated the same way they are treating Sarah Palin & daughter. I do hope their daughters never experience the same kind of treatment they are dishing out.


  1. Bravo! My sentiments exactly. I have boys, not girls, but they need to back off and leave that girl alone!

  2. it's always so shocking when i agree with you on something that concerns politics.... :-)

    aren't you glad you never had pregnant teen daughters? hell, you'll be lucky to have a twenty-something pregnant daughter. or a grandchild before you and dad are in your seventies, for that matter...

  3. Beth: Yes, and I applauded Obama for saying she was off limits. The press were such vultures about it.

    gathering dust: Yes, I am grateful about the teen pregnancy thing. And maybe someday, God willing and the Creek don't rise, I'll have real grandchildren.