Saturday, September 6, 2008

In a Time Warp

I feel like i have been gone for ages. In actuality, we went nowhere. Finally got the deck stained and what does the humidity do? Of course it rises. And rises.

I'd forgotten how much smaller our last deck was. Maybe it was 10 x 12? This one is 12 x 16, and the last time I stained a deck I was in my mid-forties. The last time it was stained we had someone do it. Next time here, definitely someone else is doing it.

The first day started out with me having a reaction to the asthma inhaler. I felt like Harry Potter wearing the locket horcrux. it was a big job that took two days. Just moving the furniture and the grill off were a chore. They still sit on plastic on the crabgrass waiting for that sticky feeling to go away.

We finished on Thursday with a spaghetti lunch. Delish. Then, because the computer guys at Cardinal computer said they were getting some new Dell laptops in of the variety that I wanted, we stopped at the computer place and I brought my new baby home.

I am a memory hog when computing. I routinely have two different genealogy programs open, one a database of everyone and everything I have ever found, and another that looks for stuff I missed. Then I will have anywhere from 5-10 tabs open on Internet Explorer. Then maybe one or two windows of Windows explorer where I will be transferring photos from a file to the genealogy database. The current genealogy database which is just shy of 21000 individuals has about 6300 images linked to it. Of the tabs on IE, the most used are, and Family Search Labs. Since I end up downloading images from all three, my half-gig of ram needed some help. So, I'm hoping the new laptop will help with all that memory intensive stuff. The last two days, I've been bringing this computer up to speed, getting all my prior settings set up on it. I still have lots of stuff to do on my Google toolbar so I can click and search on favorite sites but it is coming.

Wish I could figure out how I got those two extra "Personal Folders" in Outlook though.

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