Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It Seemed Like a good Idea At the Time

Picture a one-half acre lot with fifty-three beautiful trees on it. Picture removing 28 of those trees. Now picture building a nice ranch home on the lot. Picture spring and summer. Spring with dogwoods and tulip tree in bloom. Summer with all the trees covered in nice beautiful green leaves. Beautiful, huh?

Are you now picturing fall with those same green leaves turning various shades of purple, red, yellow, orange, rust and brown? You know what happens next, right? FALL. Now, I am sure it is called FALL because all the leaves FALL from the trees onto the roof of the house, into the gutter, and onto the lawn.

So after lunch, and hoping the ground has de-soggified from last weekend's rain, out we go with the leaf blower, rake, tarps to rake up the leaves. Hah! We got the back half done and nothing done on the sides or front before dark set in. Dark is before 5 pm here on the eastern edge of the Central Time Zone.

Makes me wonder if we should have gotten rid of a few more trees! Oh well, maybe we'll finish tomorrow before it rains again!


  1. Oooh! Need me to come clean the gutters? I used to do that.

  2. Who did you clean gutters for? Dad did it last week, believe it or not.

  3. you should save leaves for me to jump in when i'm down there. i'll rake. it'll be fun.

  4. In the cult we used to do that as a fundraiser. ;)