Sunday, November 9, 2008

Music Meme

Lifted from Gathering Dust and Middle-Aged Woman over at Unmitigated.

The song which:

Reminds you of an ex-lover: Annie's Song by John Denver. I have a friend Maggi, who was always jealous that our friend Jeanne (Jean from The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie written by Rod McKuen) and I had such nice songs with our names in them and she had Maggie May (Rod Stewart). Anyway, I digress. The song came out in July of 1974 right after I started dating this guy. It was a beautiful song and brings me some nice memories.

Reminds me of an ex-friend: This is an oldie - If they could see me now - would really describe someone I was great friends with in high school. We had a lot in common, the same insecurities, both kind of crazy. I could never figure out why she was so insecure until one day I realized she didn't wear her glasses between classes. Blind as a bat and couldn't see people waving at her or trying to get her attention. I talked her into contacts and she blossomed into a hugely confident person. College and marriage and children grounded her. I miss her.

Makes you cry: I cry most when I am really mad, but heavy bass sounds make me physically ill - does that count?

Makes you laugh: There are two. Neither are "real songs" in that if you didn't grow up listening to Dick Purtan in the Detroit radio market, then you probably wouldn't get them. One is "Liquidate Ohio State" and the other is "They Don't Make Nun Names Like That No More." The first dates back to the old days of Michigan/Ohio State rivalry between Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler. The other one is credited to Tommy Sharp and the Sharptones.

You never want to hear again: In the Year 2525. Song speaks for itself. Depressing.

Sums up your teenage years: Aquarius. Appropriate since I am an Aquarius. It was also our class song in 1970 (gasp) when I graduated from high school.

You wanted to get married to: We've Only Just Begun. Small wedding, no music. But that is what DH and I both would have chosen.

Songs that make you want to "get it on": The Summer Knows, theme from Summer of 42. Beautiful instrumental.

You like to wake up to: No music thank you. I like quiet in the morning. No talking either.

You like out of your parents' collection: Mitch Miller. The Christmas Album is my favorite and I even own it on CD.

Wouldn't know about if it weren't for a friend: Lots of music that I have no titles for. My kids have pretty eclectic taste - so I would count Gathering Dust a friend (instead of my kid) and say Michael Buble. Did I tell you I am really bad with song titles and artists?

You want at your funeral: We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel. I love it. And maybe American Pie because I am positive both my kids would sing it. They should be able to sing it in their sleep.


  1. heehee, i'm glad i can contribute to your musical education.

  2. Aren't ya though. You are the family music Geek!

  3. yes, yes i am. that's what years of working in music stores with music snobs will do to you....