Saturday, November 15, 2008

Where is the Street?

I'm looking out over a sea of rippling yellow, gold, orange, red and brown, while the rain drops fall in the same colors. Not a psychedelic dream. My lawn and the street. I literally cannot see the street as it is totally covered with leave-fall from the weather of the past few days. Now, some of you might remember posts from earlier in the week, raking leaves, piling leaves, etc. Well, the city picked those up two days ago. You'd never know it, because there are leaves everywhere. Excuse me, wet leaves everywhere because of the rain of the last few days. Lawn guy comes this week, the leaves will be his chore! No way will it dry out enough for us to do the raking before he comes. The one side of our house usually forms a small lake - house is graded to pull this moisture away from the house and the only place for it to drain is this low spot. When we bought the lot, you didn't really notice the grade and the little bump we call "the hill." Our hill is essentially a section of the lot that rises about 6 feet or so. So the builder graded it to pull the wet away and it works, but that low spot - oh well it isn't in the crawl space.

Older daughter got her schedule for her LAST semester of school. Now all she has to do is get through it and she will have that Political Science degree in hand. She is actually looking at opportunities in the area since she has grown to love our little community. We shall see.

Younger daughter also got her schedule for next semester, her first semester back in school in a few years. She's hoping to finish in 2011.

These two young women continually amaze me. They are both talented writers. Both are capable of great things. I'm hoping some day to read published works by both.

Wine-tasting today at the new winery in town's Open House. Looking forward to that!

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